Two Purposes For Money

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
  • It’s a driver for our work.
  • We use it to purchase daily essentials.
  • We save it up for future events.

What Money Is Not

Sometimes, to clarify what something is, it’s helpful to confirm what it is not. For example, money is not any of the following things:


Money can be destroyed, taken from us in a moment. If we’re expecting money to provide us physical, emotional, or spiritual security, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

The End

Money is a tool. We use it to achieve an end, like any other tool. But, unfortunately, far too often, we approach money as if it was the entire goal. It’s easy to think it’s the scorecard in life.


Riches slip through our fingers. Even the best of us watch our money head out each month for expenses large and small.

Sustaining Life

Money is a medium. It doesn’t feed, clothe, or put a roof over our heads, but it is the medium we use to access and achieve those things.


There are many needs in the world; the problems in society are often ongoing and sometimes seem intractable.

Moving Forward

What do you believe is the purpose of money?



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Frederick Johnston

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