How are we supposed to use this stuff?

Finances are an ongoing topic in our lives. How we approach money (earning and using it) says a lot about our worldview and priorities.

Money permeates everything:

  • It’s a driver for our work.
  • We use it to purchase daily essentials.
  • We save…

Volunteering For Challenges

After a recent family visit, my friend left my children with the following words, shouted from his porch as we loaded into the car to depart:

“Go do hard things!”

Reflecting on his appeal, I considered what assumptions and ideas went into those parting words:

  1. Life offers us hard things…

Don’t Give Up On It Too Early

Nationwide there’s a (seemingly) chronic labor shortage. This crunch is particularly acute in skilled trades and manufacturing. But it’s also showing up in the service industry, and even administrative positions are turning over as people move around.

Our social and governmental response to…

Guarding Against Deception

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a well-known speaker, author, and clinical psychologist. He’s polarizing, with strong views about social trends, politics, and the individual’s responsibility for their life.

The book that launched Peterson into the mainstream conversation was his 2018 work, “12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos.”

In that…

Why We Shouldn’t Go Back

We’re halfway through 2021, and (at least in the US) the calls for getting life “back to normal” appear to both increasing and feasible. 2020 was a crazy year with a worldwide disease, civil unrest, increasing conflict overseas, a volatile economy, and an even zanier political arena.

It’s small wonder…

The Value Of Saying Nothing

For anyone who’s counting, you’ll notice that it’s been some months since I’ve posted much on Medium. There are a few reasons for this lapse; and a primary one was encountering a period where I thought I had little of value to say.

So I elected to say nothing.


What We Can Learn From Life’s Burdens

Our lives have challenges. Each day is often a mixed bag of successes and failures. Sometimes it feels like we are gaining, and other days it’s two steps forward, one step back.

There’s always room for complaints. There’s constantly room for improvement. And there are the burdens that are present…

What’s Your Lens For Seeing The World?

Each of us has a lens for seeing the world. We have a framework for how we view, interpret, and understand the events and individuals surrounding us. Sometimes this framework comes naturally as part of our personality; in others, it is instilled from a young age.

These perspectives are our…

Looking At Where We Are Headed

The temptation is to remain engaged and busy. Productivity feels so satisfying. There’s always more to do, and the world rewards us when we get stuff done with gain, praise, and pride.

But that same productive impulse can also cause us to march blindly on, oblivious to where our path…

We Are Not Made For Individualism

We are created to living in communion; this means that we are made to live in a community. Our society speaks about the community in vague ideas and platitudes, but only as a means to organize, not for building relationships and fulfillment.

Even as “community” is a rallying call for…

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